Full Service checklist

The full service package includes all of the listed items below, including free Home Collection.

Fit new Oil Filter.
Fit new Air Filter.
Fit new Spark Plugs (Petrol engines only).
Fit new Fuel Filter (Diesel engines only).
Drain and replace Engine Oil.
Refill Screenwash.
Check/top-up Brake Fluid.
Check/top-up Power Steering fluid.
Check/top-up Coolant.
Tyre pressure check/adjust.
Tyre tread depth check.
Check operation of washer jets and align if required.
Check operation of exterior lights.
Test Battery voltage.
Check condition of brakes (visual check)
Reset 'Service Required' notification.
Stamp the service book.


Service Item Description

Regular maintenance is essential for prolonging the life of your vehicle and ensuring that the engine runs as efficiently and economically as possible. The information below provides more insight into the work carried out on your vehicle during a full service. 

  • Service items
    Service items
  • Oil Change & New Oil Filter
    Oil Change & New Oil Filter
  • Replace Air Filter
    Replace Air Filter
  • Replace spark plugs
    Replace spark plugs
  • Replace fuel filter
    Replace fuel filter
  • Top-up all fluids
    Top-up all fluids
  • Check tyres
    Check tyres
  • Reset service warning
    Reset service warning
  • Stamp service book
    Stamp service book



Oil Change & New Oil Filter

Frequent oil changes are essential for prolonging the life of your engine. Oil lubricates the mechanical moving parts within the engine, however over time engine oil becomes dirty and loses it's effectiveness at lubrication, which can lead to increased engine wear and a buildup of sludge. Replacing the oil filter with every oil change is equally essential, as a blocked filter restricts oil pressure within the engine.



Replace Air Filter

The air filter prevents contaminants from entering the engine combustion chamber. A dirty air filter restricts air flow and causes a reduction in engine power as well as reducing fuel economy. Having a clean air filter is essential for keeping your engine running efficiently.



Replace Spark Plugs (Petrol vehicles only)

For petrol powered vehicles, spark plugs are used to ignite the mixture of air and petrol within the combustion chamber. For optimal efficiency, spark plugs should be replaced as part of a full service at approx 60,000 miles.



Replace Fuel Filter (Diesel vehicles only)

The fuel filter (in both petrol and diesel vehicles) prevents contaminants from entering the fuel injectors. In petrol vehicles fuel filters can often last the lifetime of the vehicle, however diesel engines operate with a much higher fuel pressure when injecting fuel into the combustion chamber. As a result, fuel filters should be changed more frequently for diesel engines to protect the injector pump and prevent a decrease in engine performance. Clogged fuel filters can also cause starting problems.



Top-up all fluids

As part of the full service package, all other fluids will be checked and fully topped up where necessary. This includes a full refill of screenwash, as well as a top up of power steering & brake fluid. Low brake fluid can cause a reduced responsiveness when pressing the brake pedal, so this is a vital check that must be made. Engine coolant will also be checked and topped up required.



Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Check

Road tyres contain deep tread patterns which allow for safe driving during wet weather, however over time the tyre's available tread will naturally wear down. The deep channels allow surface water to pass through and keep the rubber tyre in contact with the ground. A worn tyre has deduced capacity to channel surface water, which means your vehicle's ability to hold the road during wet weather significantly decreases. In the UK, the legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm within the center three-quarters of the tyre. As part of the full service package, tyre tread depth will be recorded for your reference and tyre pressures will be checked and set in accordance with the manufacturers recommended specification.


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